What is SpellShip Arena?
SpellShip Arena is a 3D naval battleship game that offers a hyper-casual gaming experience.
When is the global launch of SpellShip Arena?
The game will be globally available on Google Play and the Apple App Store in November 2023.
How can players utilize their warships in the game?
Players can collect, upgrade, and reforge their warships to enhance gameplay.
How many unique warship designs will be accessible at launch?
Over 60 unique warship designs will be available for players upon launch.
What is the official community hub for SpellShip Arena?
Our Discord group serves as the primary gathering place for our player community. Here, players can discuss game strategies, participate in community events, and stay updated.
How can players stay updated about game modifications and events?
Players should follow the #game-updates-and-events channel on our Discord server.
What makes SpellShip Arena unique and enjoyable?
Players have access to a diverse range of powerful spells, weapons, and ships, along with an array of in-game events and modes to enhance the gameplay experience.
What benefits come with being a Genesis holder?
Genesis holders receive the Discord Captain's role, early game access, future airdrops, in-game currency, insider access, and more.
When and where can the Genesis NFT be purchased?
The Genesis NFT collection will launch on the Magic Eden Launchpad in October 2023. For timely updates, follow our Twitter and join our Discord.
Will community members be offered testing spots?
Absolutely! Every Genesis NFT holder will be provided with early testing access.
Can members earn a whitelist spot?
Definitely! We will host various opportunities for our followers to secure Whitelist spots. Ensure you follow our Twitter and Discord community channel for information on events and giveaways.
Is purchasing warships mandatory for gameplay?
No, SpellShip Arena is free-to-play. However, players have the option to purchase ships to augment their fleet.
What is the cost of warships?
For all pricing details, please visit the in-game store.
What should I do if I don't receive my purchase of gems or card packs?
Kindly contact the respective customer support for the Apple App Store or Google Play.
How can I link my guest account?
From the main screen, tap the settings button in the upper right corner, then select "Sign in with Google" or "Sign in with Facebook" to connect your guest account.
How can I log out of my account?
For bound accounts, tap the settings button in the top right corner of the main screen, then select the "Sign Out" button.
How do I switch between accounts?
For users with a bound account, click the settings icon on the main screen, hit "Sign Out" to log off from the current account, and then revisit the login page to switch.
Can I trade or sell my SSA account?
Trading or sharing accounts is not endorsed by us and violates our Terms of Service. Such accounts' safety cannot be guaranteed, and we shall not be held accountable for any losses arising from account sharing or trading.